Sunday 26 February 2023

Out and About - My Regular Escapades En-Fem

I, like many other TG’s,  enjoy days out en-fem and often visit TG support groups and TG events, but also get to visit national trust properties with my partner, as well as the ballet and theatre. However, I love going to the Burlesque and to Drag shows as this enables us to dress up and add a bit of glamor to our outfits for the night. 


We regularly visit a Burlesque venue called the Lucky 7 Club in Paignton, which is ran by Sarah and Mark, who go by the name ‘Kinky and Quirky’. 

The club is one of the top Burlesque venues in the country and often have internationally recognised performers on the stage.  So, it is sad that the club is due to close in the Summer as the lease expires and the building is due for demolition. 

I hope that they are able to find another venue which gives them the space and facilities to continue with the high standards which they have established. (see a post I made a couple of years ago on Burlesque for more information… ) 

Lucky 7 - Kinky and Quirky 

One of My Lucky 7 Outfits 

One of My Lucky 7 Outfits 

Sarah and Some of the Performers  

Kinky and Quirky 

One piece of Mark’s Artwork 

Closer to home we have been attending a cocktail bar in Barnstable called Masquerade, which holds drag shows every weekend. 

The venue is very salubrious with fabulous décor and great dance music and has been set up as a safe haven for all. The acts range from top line performers, such as David Dale, down to new and up and coming acts who are just starting out on their Drag career. 

Both the owners are very welcoming and are an active part in the LGBT+ community in the aera. The drinks are very reasonably priced, and the audience is 90% women. 





Glam for Masquerade 

I also have time to dress when communing every three weeks from home in Cornwall to Aberdeen while on my way to work. 

As you may know, I have a landrover called Poppy, which has been converted to a camper with a comfortable bed and all mod cons that allow me to be self-sufficient for the trip.

I drive up listening to talking books and stop every couple of hours for drinks and food on the way. 

My landrover camper 

I have a couple of locations where I can sleep overnight around the Gretna area and usually arrive at the hotel in Aberdeen around mid-afternoon prior to going offshore the following morning. 

These long journeys allow me time to dress comfortably in casual but appropriate outfits, depending on the weather and time of year.  On arrival at the hotel I am able to have a nice relaxing bath before having a meal in the dining room and then an early night before getting to the heliport at 5am to check in. 


Travel outfit 

Travel outfit 

Travel outfit 

Travel outfit 

Summer travel outfit 

My bus home 

Me at work offshore 

I am planning to retire from working offshore in November 2023, and then undertake part time occupational health work from home. We are planning to use the landrover to travel all over Europe and Scandinavia for extended trips, which are sadly limited to 12 weeks at a time due to the new restrictions after the UK left Europe. I had originally wanted to travel overland to Mongolia to visit the aeras in the Gobi Desert where I worked for a year or so, however, this is not possible just now due to the conflict in the Ukraine and Russia. 


With the summer coming on we are hoping to find a couple of retro events where we can dust off our vintage outfits and dance the nights away. The Pride season in the south west, is looking to be busy again so hopefully we will have lots of days out showing the colours and support for our community. 

Pride landrover 

Cornwall pride 

So, Cornwall and Devon are not seen as exciting areas for a transgender social life, but it is possible to be out and about frequently in safe areas if you are prepared to travel and put some effort. All the locations I have visited over the years have been accepting, with no hassle or issues. 




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