Monday, 15 October 2018

Winter Woollies

Summer has been an amazing season in the UK this year, with record number of sunny days and record temperatures, leading to a great outdoor adventures and events, days by the sea side and picnics. 

Summer frocks, sandals, sunblock and sloppy hat were the style of the day to help keep cool and look cool too. 

For myself, this summer I wore a range of summer frocks and comfortable shoes and pashminas in the evenings when the sun went down.  
I enjoyed the summer, but found the fashions restrictive as its too warm for me to wear my most stylish clothes and fashionable shoes. 

Dark Dawn 
So Autumn blusters in with winds and rain, cool nights and frosty mornings. The fashions become warmer with longer heaver skirts, thicker tights and the return of warm boots. Its probably my favorite season for fashions as I can wear my warm woolen coats, leather gloves and my many hats. 
I enjoy the layers of soft snuggly jumpers and tops, the ankle length woolen skirts and the fashionable jackets and coats that can help disguise a multitude of sins and re-enforce the feminine image.

Spring Forward - Fall Back 

As the nights draw in and the days shorten, many girls feel more comfortable going out and about. The darkness providing some additional protection to their scurrying out of the house before the neighbors can spot them. 
I remember going to an event in London one summer that had the doors open at 8pm. We turned up at 8pm on the dot and were the first there, then had a whole hour and a half to wait till the next person arrived. The proprietress spent the time chatting to us and commented that the girls were all like vampires and shunned the sunlight ! 

Dawn Autumn Sun

The cooler days allow me to bring out my more stylish classical clothes, paired with as range of scarfs and hats, then matching gloves, bags and shoes. Its a chance to dress to impress, but being functional and warm! 

It’s a chance for me to move to more earthy colours for my makeup, more russet blusher shades, lighter foundation,  and darker lipsticks. Rich deep colours give a warmer look to my pale face and the browns and greens make my eyes pop in the paler autumn sunlight.   

Dawn Night 

Choices .... Choices 

My wardrobe has several long coats, shorter leather jackets and a lot of scarfs.! The shoe cupboard has a wide selection of black and brown boots in varying heel height and leg length, as well as numerous pairs of more sturdy shoes for any occasion. I have red, black and brown gloves to match my bags in leather and wool. 
Hats …. Did I mention hats …. I adore my hats and have a selection of them to finish off an outfit, in a range of styles and colours to match my coats and other accessories.  

Dawn Vintage 

My informal selection includes baggy jumpers over roll neck tops, body warmers and puffer jackets that go with ski pants and jeans, topped off with furry head bands and neck warmers with clumpy ankle boots or flat soled long boots.

Dawn Crossing 

So – don’t despair over the end of the summer – rejoice in the autumn and take advantage of the cool weather to make the most of your layered wardrobe. 

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