Saturday 22 April 2017

Goodwood Revival - Stepping back in time, in heels.

Getting out and about doesn't always have to be at a transgender event, and sometimes you get to wear the loveliest clothes!

We have had a few events over the years  that have kept us entertained. But the annual Goodwood Revival is a truly splendid vintage rally held near Southampton on a historical horse racing course. Over the years the house grounds have been a farm, then an aerodrome, a formula one circuit and most recently a horse race course. 

The revival is set between the 1940’s to 1960’s as this was when Goodwood was in its hay day, with a fighter squadrons based there in WW2 and later when the circuit was used as a formula one grand-prix venue. 
Visitors come to the event to see the cars and motorbikes of the era race round the track at breakneck speeds with none of the modern safety aids to help them.

During the 1940’s Goodwood was also a Battle of Britain RAF fighter Station  so always has a fantastic array of world war 2  and vintage aeroplanes on display. The Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane from the Battle of Britain flight often give a majestic flypast joined with some of the aircraft attending the event. many aircraft are on static display so as you can pose next to them for photographs. 

But you don’t want to hear about that – you want to know all about the fashions! And what fashions there were!
Over 90% of the 140,000 + people who attend dress in  appropriate outfits of the period. We try yo attend for 2 days so need to have fabulous outfits for both days.

On my last visit, for the Saturday saw me in a 1950’s Pan-Am outfit, not exactly authentic in detail, but enough to be instantly recognisable as the iconic cabin crew of the day. My partner found an authentic 40’s summer dress, which looked wonderful. Along with my friends Jemma and Jackie we all looked a stylish group.

The event has a very large retail area that caters for all the needs from vintage dresses, uniforms, fur coats and hats. There are make-up and hair salons that would perform a magical transformation to turn anyone into a retro pin up model in a Jiffy.
all around the site there are set pieces playing in the steets, with workmen holding up the traffic, spivvs selling watches, policemen chasing criminals and gangs of mod’s and rockers roving the streets. Tesco has green-shield stamps and St Trinians girls run riot with hockey sticks. its a kaleidoscope of movement and fun. 

Vintage motorcar memorabilia was also on sale, as well as an auction where some cars often fetch in excess of £1,000,000. The car park alone is a awesome car show in its own right, with vintage cars being driven to the event from all over Europe and parked for all to see. 

Famous people bring their cars to the venue to race them and to show them off. Some may know of Rowan Atkinson (AkA as Mr Bean) is a very keen car racer and had some fun on the track in a jaguar, whilst Ewan Macgregor (AkA Obi-Wan Kenobi) races on a vintage motorbike.

The evening events are full of life, with a funfair and music marquees with high quality acts giving renditions of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s music. there are rockabilly groups, trios of boogie-woogee singers and some psychedelic renditions that will make your toes curl! 

The Sunday saw the weather a little cooler and we were in more formal attire, with me in a 50’s poker-dot A line dress with large petticoats and pill box hat, with my partner in a 50’s black and white Vogue suit and Jemma looking fabulous in her Vivian of Holloway 1950’s dress.

The event was really good fun and very relaxed. We met several other girls there and we all felt that it was really Trans Friendly.
So it dosent matter if you don't know your Lotus from your Alfa, your Hurricane from your Spitfire, or your Channel from your Dior ; if you just want to have a lovely day out wearing a fab frock and heels in a great venue then this is the place to come with all that and more. 

I’ll not pretend, it is an expensive day out, but there is soooo much to see and do when you are there. Food is reasonable in the ‘over the road’ site next to the funfair,  the night life is all free, and its a fabulous place to be stylish, fashionable, retro and chic! 


  1. It truly sounds like a wonderful venue with lots to be seen and a great place to be out and about. I am so glad you had fun.

  2. Hi Pat - In deed it is - we try and go every year, but I have missed the last couple due to my work rota but we are there for 2 days this year -Ive got a fab green outfit styled around Jackie O with dress and jacket and all the accessories for one day - then have a couple of other outfits to choose from for the 2nd day !


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