Saturday, 30 December 2017

Passing Time

Well that was 2017 … During which I reached the magic age of 60 and still feel I’m in my teens or early 20’s.  
The Trans community has moved on and become more visible, a feeling of more understanding, tolerance and possibly acceptance seems to be in the air.

Flying the Flag for TG

Many people have now met a Transgender person in their daily lives and the world hasn’t stopped revolving.
Over in the US they have had the usual political roller coaster of laws being passed and revoked, of statements and counter statements with transgender people being the aunt sally in the middle. Bathrooms and military service being bound together in broadcasts from the law makers and military chiefs who attempt to deem what is and what is not acceptable in the face of perceived threat from the Transgender population.
Meantime, the regular abuse and murder of the transgender population seems to continue with the international role of the lost becoming longer annually.

My year has been one of fun and enjoyment, with some great times out and about, some lovely trips away and some great times with friends.
We have been to several burlesque events in the southwest, danced our heels off to some fabulous bands and singers, seen some great films and met some lovely people.
I’ve enlarged my shoe collection with more Irregular Choice heels and had to say good-by to a pair of my favorite ones that sadly died in service when we were in London.

My Departed Flick-Flack's

Work has been steady with my offshore rotation flights generally being on time until the last trip of the year!! My part time consultancy work has found me with some lovely new friends in Abingdon and Didcot, where I learned all about the super scientific work going on in the field of neutron energy whilst assessing the various individuals working there with the various dangerous substances – who says nursing can’t be interesting !! 

Nursing can be all the Fun of the Fair! 

So what of 2018 ….. what will the year bring?
Obviously work will be taking up a lot of time both offshore and onshore.
We’ve got some trips overseas again as usual – Iceland for a couple of weeks, a trip to Germany again to have some more work on the Landover and possibly a trip to somewhere warm in the Landover later in the year.
I’ve seen my rota for the year and it looks promising for attending Sparkle but not too good for Goodwood. There are a few burlesques to attend in the SW, and in London there is a burlesque festive that runs most of the year that looks fun.
I’m sure we will add a few more fun things to do to fill up the calendar by the time the year gets underway.

Green and Smiling

What ever you are doing and have planed, I hope that you have a happy, healthy and beneficial 2018. 



  1. I am looking to try to throttle down at work now that I am 65. I hope to be away most of January and hope to get some outings in while dressed.
    Let me wish you a very Happy, Healthy and well dressed New Year.

    1. Thanks Pat, I try to have the ‘work to live not live to work’ ideal that gives me time to enjoy myself and travel - its a balance but achievable!
      All the best for 2018!


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